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Allied Health



Our Allied Health providers will work with you to give you the best care possible for the best possible outcome

Circle of Hope has a team which is made up of Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists who provide both therapeutic and interventional supports that are tailored to your unique needs.






Our Allied Health providers are trained in their respective areas and will provide you with all the services you need, in one place.

This ensures that your total health is well taken care of.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists help people who have complications in communication to communicate more effectively. Speech pathologists work with people of all ages to improve deficits in language, speech, use of voice or fluency, or people who have problems with swallowing. They also commonly work with children to assist speech development and build strategies to aid non-verbal people to find other ways of communication.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists assess and facilitate people living with a disability to live up to their full potential and enhance independence with everyday activities. Some examples include identifying alternative strategies to help manage self-care, domestic tasks, meal preparation, community access or increasing function to live independently. The NDIS is supportive in funding the supports needed to influence these key areas of everyday life. Our Occupational therapists can fully support and advocate your support needs with a very comprehensive assessment and report.



Our experienced team of Psychologists provide support to people with disabilities and their families. We promote behaviour change and good mental health to support people and enable them to safely access the community. Everyone has different needs to support their mental health. Our expert psychologists customise individual programs to suit you.

Contact our friendly and experienced team today to see how we can help or for a tour of our facilities.